Better than Nothing!

Soccer players, just like any other people, differentiate in many ways. Not every soccer, for example, player gets to play in world’s best domestic (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.) and international (Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores, etc.) tournaments. Not every player plays for the national team of his or her country. At any level, that is. Not every offensive player can score 50+ goals each season like Lionel Messi. Also, not every goalkeepeer registers a shut-out performance on a regular basis (especially the ones whose team play against Messi’s Barcelona and Real Madrid).

Outside the field, not every player drives cars like these Not everyone dates or is married to women like these, either. And for God’s sake, not every soccer player is paid a six-digit weekly (!) wages. (If you ask me, none of them should be paid so much!)

Anyway, differences go on on. However, there is one thing that all soccer teams – regardless of salary, cars driven, or level of competition they face – have in common. And that is the motivation each player needs to give and do his best on that field. Such motivation comes from coaches and fans. And while every coach MUST have some motivational skills in order to get the position in the first place, there is a huge difference among the fan bases at different levels of soccer competition.

Speaking of which, second-division Italian team Triestina has been having trouble lately filling up its 32,454-seat Stadio Nereo Rocco. However, they still had to find a way to motivate the players, right? So they thought of this:

Critical situations call for drastic measures...

Critical situations call for drastic measures…


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