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Book Review: “The Last Shots: City Streets, Basketball Dreams”

In the non-fictional work “The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams”, the author Darcy Frey takes his reader to a dark, isolated part of New York City, which every self-respecting New Yorker avoids – Coney Island. In his book, Frey concentrates on the only thing that could bring an outsider to the poverty-struck, drug-infiltrated island […]

Un Finale Grande

Yesterday (Wednesday) Italian side AS Roma defeated Inter 3-2 in the second leg of the semifinal match of this year’s edition of Coppa Italia (Italian Cup). After winning the first leg in Rome 2-1, Roma advanced to the final with aggregate score 5-3. This will be their 17th final appearance in franchise history. On May […]

Movie Review: Goal! The Dream Begins

If Hollywood has at least one sports film production, which leaves young fans of that sport open-mouthed and gets them dreaming, then for soccer this movie would be Goal: The Dream Begins (2005). The movie depicts the path of young Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker), an amateur soccer player, from the poor parts of Los Angeles […]

Better than Nothing!

Soccer players, just like any other people, differentiate in many ways. Not every soccer, for example, player gets to play in world’s best domestic (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.) and international (Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores, etc.) tournaments. Not every player plays for the national team of his or her country. At any level, […]

Kevin Ware vs. Cisse… and more (ATTENTION: Graphic content!)

A major “highlight”  (but was it really?) in sports this weekend was the compound leg fracture of Louisville’s basketball player Kevin Ware during the Midwest Region final game against Duke in the NCAA tournament. Since I am more of a soccer guy, I immediately started comparing Ware’s injury with ones that I know have occurred […]