Kevin Ware vs. Cisse… and more (ATTENTION: Graphic content!)

A major “highlight”  (but was it really?) in sports this weekend was the compound leg fracture of Louisville’s basketball player Kevin Ware during the Midwest Region final game against Duke in the NCAA tournament.

Since I am more of a soccer guy, I immediately started comparing Ware’s injury with ones that I know have occurred on the soccer field. And now, after it has been reported that Ware has gone through a successful surgery and is already moving with the aid of crutches, I do not feel so guilty sharing the brilliant idea that the unfortunate player’s experience gave me. What will follow are videos of Ware’s injury situation as well as three gruesome injuries which occurred on the soccer field for you to compare and pick your favorite (sorry for the poor choice of words!)

Kevin Ware – University of Lousville vs. Duke (2013 NCAA tournament)

Oupa Ngulube – Carara Kicks vs. Mpumalanga Black Aces FC (South African Futbol League)

Djibril Cisse – France vs. China (pre-World Cup friendly)

Unknown player and game at the 3:32 mark of this video:

And finally, something to cheer you up:

So, what do you think? Can any one of those match Ware’s injury from Sunday?

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